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    does zimbra routes emails based on that external configuration ?

    I did tried the above ! what i can get is the address to look up for the client !
    but it never uses the extenal ldap configured for mail routing ! if some one will throw light on that that will be...
  2. question about zimbra ldap lookup

    Thanks for your reply ! when we create a user iin zimbra with zimbramailTransport for a particular user it does creates a mailbox for the particular user who resided on the other...
  3. How does name look up for the email routing takes place

    I am basically trying to integrate lotus ldap and zimbra ldap ! From the admin client i choose say and configure gal as both internal and external and configure the external to be lotus ldap...
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    Question on licence

    I am new to zimbra and just 2 months old working on fedora core 4 but very much confident on ferora 4 and might bring up the production server by the end of this year ! I am pretty impressed by...
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