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    Thank you, you are correct. when changing OS, it...

    Thank you, you are correct.
    when changing OS, it is imperative that you do not change the zimbra server version.
    "upgrading" to the same version of zimbra on centos 6 worked and so did the upgrade...
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    ok, so my english is bad and broken, and i might...

    ok, so my english is bad and broken, and i might not have explained myself well.
    let me try again.

    we have zimbra 7.1.3 on centos 5. we eventually want to upgrade to zimbra 8, and since centos 5...
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    upgrade proccess from centos5 to 6 fails [SOLVED]

    i have a 7.1.3 zimbra on centos5.
    this server start a few years ago as zimbra 5 and was upgraded to 6 and then to 7.
    this server is now not powerfull enough and we are moving to new...
  4. lightning update error, solution and its issues

    i am having issue with lightning (currently 1.0 but i had this issue a long time).
    from time to time when you update a meeting we get an error and the connection to the calendar is broken until...
  5. Second server (MTA server) stats are all red X

    i have looked in the forum first, found many issues and solutions, but none works (checking hostname, loggerhostname, syslogsetup and more).
    i am running on centos so i use syslog and not rsyslog....
  6. zimbra desktop 7 on win 7 does not display clalendar

    zimbra desktop 7 (server is not yes 7, it is 6) on windows 7 32 bit, my calendar is not showing.
    also when i try to open a shared calendar (in this case a resource used as conference room...
  7. add alerts to all user appointment from cli

    a user had the wrong setting in lightning and now has no reminder on all his events that was created.
    instead of going one by one and fixing it, is it possible to edit the appointments from the...
  8. a bug in calendar and update meetings (alarm issue)?

    i am using zimbra 6.0.7 and lightning 1.02b.
    i have just found something that is, i think a bug, and i wish to know if this is known, fixed in a different version, or should i open a bug on...
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    full access to all calendars to one user.

    is it possible to grant access to one user to all other users calendars?
    we are creating an automatic system that will push tasks to users calendars, and i prefer not to share all the calendars...
  10. zimbta mta server shows all red X on the second zimbra ldap and mailbox server

    ldap/mailbox server:
    zmloggerctl status; echo $?; ps ax | grep zmlogger
    9309 ? S 0:08 /usr/bin/perl /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmlogger
    9426 ? S 0:00 zmlogger: zmrrdfetch:...
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