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    moved discussion of the leading spaces issue back to "Administrators"
  2. leading spaces, mixed-mode accessors

    Restarting this topic a little, now that M2 is released and the IMAP server allows creation of folders with leading spaces in their name.

    What's the plan for mixed-mode accessors? Most of my...
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    list of changes, bug fixes?

    Can you point me to a more complete list of changes/bug fixes since M1?

    In particular, has the "leading spaces" IMAP server bug been fixed?
  4. good points...

    It's also useful when migrating a store out of a defunct and unsupported server ;). Having the messages on disk in RFC822 format in named folders is tremendously useful.

    When Zimbra's used to its...
  5. folders with leading spaces, other small issues...

    I've just installed Zimbra on FC4 to evaluate it's suitability as a replacement for my aging installation of Netscape Messaging (4.15). The server in question supports about 30 people, at the moment...
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