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    Jetty Servlet - not available

    Using Ubunu 8.0.4, I have built from the p4 repository.

    When Jetty starts up this is what I see in the mailbox.log

    ------------------------------- start --------------------------------------
  2. Temporary fix


    i think i have a work around for the perl compilation issue.

    i commented out the 'use strict' directive in
    and then tried both cases of setting this variable to 0 and 1 before...
  3. ok, I have come to the conclusion that 509 is...


    I have come to the conclusion that 509 is 505 or like the song says," a 7 hour flight or 45 minute drive".

    I pulled down the lastest FRANLKIN last night & did not have the issues references...
  4. More log

    root@bruce-laptop:/home/public/p4/zcs/main/ThirdParty# ./
    Resyncing thirdparty source for main
    ... - file(s) up-to-date.
    ./ line 52: cd:...
  5. 509 - errors right out of the gate

    I pulled down 509 like you suggested.

    Poor ldap, What gives?

    *** Building in openssl SUCCEEDED.
    *** Building in mysql SUCCEEDED.
    *** Building in sleepycat SUCCEEDED.
    *** Building in libxml2...
  6. 509

    I will try to do a 509 build like you suggested.

  7. Ubuntu 8.04 build will not run after install.

    Hello Zimbrats,

    I am using, Ubuntu 8.04 - the Hardy Heron - released in April 2008

    I have seen similiar postings about this issue, but have not resolved this.

    I have built the code from the...
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