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    J2ME Login Screen Unresponsive

    I am testing an HTC Touch Pro. It is running Windows Mobile 6.1. I have the J2ME client installed and have imported the security cert from my server. I get the login screen on the phone but am...
  2. Upgrading from 5.0.7 to 5.0.11 Single Node Cluster

    I have been reading through the install notes for the Single node install and it doesn't happen to mention if the install is run with the server active or not. Then I find 5.0 Cluster Upgrade...
  3. Cross Mailbox Search

    Server error encountered Message: system failure: java.lang.AbstractMethodError Error code: service.FAILURE Method: GetXMbxSearchesListRequest Details:soap:Receiver

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    IPMI Fencing for ZCS Cluster

    I recently completed the setup of a single cluster node install for ZCS. It works great if a service fails. Now the issue is loss of network connectivity. If I unplug the nic on node mail1 it...
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    We got clustering working. Thanks for the help. ...

    We got clustering working. Thanks for the help. Updating to match the kernel level was the key. Subscribing to the cluster channel allowed the up2date to update the cluster modules. I am...
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