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  1. Hi again, with 'zmprov -l' I can get wich is the...

    Hi again, with 'zmprov -l' I can get wich is the auth host from the SMTP without seeing errors, but I cant get to relay from the store throught the SMTP, in the logs I see this:

    Jul 28 09:38:27...
  2. Problems relaying in a multiservers installation

    Hi, I've just installed a multiserver Zimbra 5.0.8 (1 LDAP, 1 store, 1 smtp). When I try to send a message i cant relay through the smtp. I've checked the authorized auth servers with 'zmprov gamau',...
  3. Solved

    Yes, from the commandline the servers has been removed.

    Thanks :)
  4. [SOLVED] Multi Server install --- Removing mailboxd instance

    Hi I'm evaluating zimbra nerwork edition. I have deployed a multiserver install (1 LDAP master, 2 mailbox servers, 1 mta). I'd like to kno how to remove one of the mailbox servers, I've uninstalled...
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