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  1. Sometimes "working" is better than "not working."

    Absolutely... Thanks for the caveat emptor.

    My reality, however, is that I'm a simple Luser, and so I don't make decisions on whether my company goes to 5.0 or not.... As I understand it, 5.0...
  2. Ahh, GA support, true. But I'm just looking for...

    Ahh, GA support, true. But I'm just looking for it to work, not official GA support :-).

    I finally did get it to work with some guidance (read: step-by-step instructions) from my colleague.
  3. ZCS Installation Interrupted (x10) on WinXP / Outlook 2007

    Hi --

    I have tried for the last 8 hours to get this to work and even had a colleague help me out where, in a virtual machine on a Mac, he was able to get it successfully configured on his machine,...
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