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  1. thanks.

    Hi. Port 80 and 443 were already opened between PCs and ZCS server. I am not sure what the problem was but people with DHCP are able to configure Zimbra Desktop now :). I think this problem was...
  2. Zimbra Desktop Port Considerations (Administration)


    I am using Zimbra Desktop 2.0.1 with OSS Zimbra Server 6.0.14 on SUSE linux 11 SP1.
    Mine is a static IP with privileges (a lot of ports are opened for this ip). I have successfully...
  3. Migrating different Zimbra servers (hosting different domains) on single server


    I have 3 different Zimbra servers 6.0.8 (x64, open source) running on SUSE Linux 11 SP1 running in production.
    I plan to migrate all of them to one server (Zimbra 6.0.8 (x64, open source),...
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