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  1. Reboot fixed it

    When I got out and rebooted my machine it fixed it, but there must be a better way.
  2. I'm using Zimbra desktop and mine just started...

    I'm using Zimbra desktop and mine just started doing the same thing.
  3. Thank you.

    Thank you.
  4. Howto Display Multiple Non-Consecutive Days

    I am making the transition from Outlook. In Outlook I can click on a single day and then by holding down the CTRL key, and several other random days together on the desktop - e.g. every third...
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    Didn't work for me

    I have my Outlook set to start up with the /cleanreminders switch. When I snooze appointments in Outlook, the reminders are turned off the next time it syncs with Zimbra.
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    Duplicate Contacts in Outlook 2003

    After syncing some of the Contacts in Outlook 2003 are duplicated with last name first listed in "full name" field. When I erase them they come back. The duplicates do not appear in the Zimbra...
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