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  1. Recipient Delimiter Settings Being Ignored

    In 7.1.0 the use of recipient_delimiter is not being applied correctly to inbound messages. While the messages are still delivered to the recipient they're not being sent to the appropriate folder....
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    Disabling dev & debug in URL

    For security reasons I want to disable access outright to the ?dev= and ?debug= for all accounts yet I haven't found anything in the Wiki with instructions. Is this possible and if so what would the...
  3. I suppose that's the route I'll have to go...

    I suppose that's the route I'll have to go through but I had hoped someone had already been down this road before.
    Looking at the zimbra_logger db it appears that there's a lot more data then what...
  4. For security reasons the staff are isolated from...

    For security reasons the staff are isolated from most production systems with HTTP(S) being the exception which is why we need some form of interface for them to use.
  5. Providing external / non-shell based Log Access

    I'm looking for a way to provide access to the Zimbra logs (specifically events pertaining to user mailboxes, smtp traffic, authentication failures, etc) in a way that it would not require shell...
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    Issues with Archiving Functionality

    I'm trying to evaluate the Archiving functionality and I'm not having much luck though everything appears to be setup correctly. When running marchivingconfig enable <user>, the appropriate mailbox...
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