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  1. the problem of changing IP address of the mail server

    i want to upgrage zimbra from 5.0.11 to 7.1.0.Before upgrading,as a testing ,I installed a new server using centos 5.6-x64 with IP address,and estabished zimbra 7.1.0 successfully. then...
  2. it works!

    yes ,it works!

    clamvd has updated the db file!

    everything is ok , thanks!
  3. i have the same question!

    i use zimbra oss version 5.08 in chinese language ! i have come across the same question.
    i wander if clamav have a new update version to solution this problem ?

    did someone knew any useful...
  4. thanks!

    yes ,it works !

    thank u very much!
  5. [SOLVED] how can i delete all 20000 messages of a user?

    i have a user whose username is john,i find he has 20000 messages in the mailbox.i want to delete all these messages,how can i do this?

    i use the version 5.0.4.
  6. thank u very much . Finally i found my...

    thank u very much .

    Finally i found my installed version is 5.0-rc2.when i change to 5.0-GA,everything is Ok!
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    i suggest you change httpd.conf file,using...

    i suggest you change httpd.conf file,using italian as the first language.
  8. any suggestion?

    any suggestion?
  9. [SOLVED] where's the chinese UI files in ZCS 5.0 FOSS ?

    gregA said:"As some have already noted, one of the cooler things in ZCS 5.0 is 15 languages are pre-installed. (A benefit of joining Yahoo! is access to a global team very experienced with...
  10. 4.5.10 simplified Chinese Translation (4.5.10中文界面翻译)

    this version Only change one line than 4.5.9 version.i have done it.
    (和4.5.9相比,只改动了6个文件中的管理员界面文件的一行,已经翻译完成.) txt file of simplifed chinese.(原始文件,使用前需要先编译)
    4510-cn-comp compiled file...
  11. 4.5.9Chinese Translation (4.5.9中文界面翻译)

    this version Only change the license on the header than 4.5.7 version.i have done it.
    (和4.5.7相比,只改动了文件头上的license说明,已经翻译完成.) txt file of simplifed chinese.(原始文件,使用前需要先编译)
  12. 4.5.7Chinese Translation (4.5.7中文界面翻译)

    Only little text has been changed than 4.5.6 version.i have done it.
    (和4.5.6相比,改动很小,已经翻译完成.) txt file of simplifed chinese.(原始文件)
    457-cn-comp compiled file by native2asc...
  13. 4.5.6 Chinese Translation (4.5.6中文界面翻译)

    I've done it.(已经完成)
    see attachment files! is the complain txt chinese file;
    456-cn-comp is the compiled is compiled with native2ascii using gb2312 encoding.
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    zimbra mail has refused by!

    i found this error.

    This is the Postfix program at host

    I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
    be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below....
  15. compiled using GB2312

    i use GB2312 to compile the file.
  16. the attachment file corrupt!

    i do not know why the files i upload is corrupted when i download it for test!

    and i upload it again here.
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    basic web client problem

    i have translate file into simplifed chinese,and using native2ascii compiled it.but when i copy it to zimbra/.../classes/msgs/ directory and restart tomcat,i still can not use this...
  18. the compiled file by native2ascii as follows.

  19. 4.5.5 simplified chinese translation complete (中文用户界面翻译部分完成)

    i have translate all 6 file of 4.5.5 zimbra to simplifed chinese.

    see attachment file.
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    i am so tired for zimbra update too quickly!!

    i should say:i am so tired for zimbra update too quickly!!

    it update every 2 weeks.i appreciate the developer for their perfect works,but sometimes updating too quickly means we do not test the...
  21. 这个是已经native2asc编译好的.

    this one has already compiled with native2asc.
  22. 4.5.3 simplified chinese translation(中文用户界面翻译部分完成)



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    tomcat stop,i can not restart it.

    i user zimbra 4.5.0,when i resart the server,i find tomcat can not start.

    what can i do for this problem?
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    why logger issue stop ?

    i use zimbra 4.5.0-ga-612-rhel4,but i found the logger issue stops for every 2 weeks.when i restart the server ,it runs ok again.

    how can i find why this happened?
  25. i forget my admin password,how can i get it back?

    i forget my admin password,how can i get it back or reset it?
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