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  1. Connector for Outlook - Upgrade from NE 7 to 8

    I am sure this has already been asked but I cannot find a thread for it. If I upgrade from Network Edition 7.0.1 to 8 will my users have problems with their Outlook connector until I install the new...
  2. So I guess nobody else is getting hammered with...

    So I guess nobody else is getting hammered with spam like this???
  3. Spamassassin - check return-path against from address

    I am getting a lot of spam recently that I am having a hard time getting flagged by spamassassin. We have enabled SPF checking and it works but I think these emails are getting through because the...
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    Calendar update error

    Wasn't sure if this belonged in the Outlook connector or not but here goes. I am getting random users receiving a mail message with the following content:

    Server Failures were detected. No...
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    Filed emails returning to inbox as unread

    I am new to the Zimbra platform so I apologize for any noobness I may exhibit!

    I am having a strange issue with one account on our ZCS 5.0.5. Details:
    user receives email from "Joe X". User...
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