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  1. outlook mail replication after upgrading zimbra


    i have upgraded form rhel 4.7 + zcs 5.0.13(OLD server) to ubuntu 8.04 64 bit+zcs 7.1.2(New Server) for testing but when i am starting my outlook then it is downloading all the mails again...
  2. but actually m afraid to do update the current...

    but actually m afraid to do update the current version as if sumthing goes wrong then my mail server will be down and i can afford that.
  3. zimbra 7 issue with ms-outlook with new mail server


    We were presently using zcs 5.0.13 and now we are migrating to zcs 7 and i have setup of zimbra 7 with ubuntu 10.04 (new server) and zcs 5.0.13 on Rhel 4.7(old server). As there is no direct...
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