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  1. Alas you are correct. Quite a while back I was...

    Alas you are correct. Quite a while back I was looking at Zimbra and tossing around the prospect of helping to port it to Windows. I was surprised to find that postfix wasn't ported either natively...
  2. Got Zimbra running as a Windows service (sort of)

    Okay, so this may not be 1) of interest or 2) earth shattering to any of you, but I'm stoked and figured I'd share this experience for the occasional Windows user that may happen by these forums. I...
  3. Thread: A few questions

    by ptyork

    A few questions

    Okay, so perhaps I could download the source code and browse through it to find answers to these questions, but I figured it'd be much more efficient to ask here.

    First, let me say that I think...
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