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  1. Trying Zimbra. Zimbra desktop calendar invites not showing on mail or calendar

    Ubuntu Server 8.40 32 bit
    XP and Ubuntu 11
    Account type Zimbra.
    J (on Ubuntu) has invited C (on XP) to a meeting on Jan 17...
  2. IMAP was not showing calendars. Zimbra is...

    IMAP was not showing calendars.
    Zimbra is showing the calendars.
  3. Calendar on Zimbra desktop 7_1_2 not working

    Trying Zimbra collab server and Zimbra desktop. Calendar on Zimbra Desktop 7_1_2 was not saving appointments on XP or Ubuntu 11.
    A post in google suggested using 7_1_1 instead. 7_1_1 calendar saving...
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    Zimbra desktop on a shared computer

    Per this wiki Zimbra Desktop 7 FAQ - Zimbra :: Wiki Zimbra Desktop supports multi-user systems and "quick user switch". Each user's data are completely isolated from one another.
    How is that done?...
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