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    Incoming mail duplicated many times

    I am using ZD v.7, on a Windows 7 pc. All was working well until a couple of weeks ago. Now the sync is malfunctioning. Each time the "send/receive" is activated, all the messages in the inbox are...
  2. Is there any point in posting error reports?

    Has anyone ever had a useful response on this error reports forum? How does a layman, without technical knowhow get the system to work? I keep sending the error reports to...
  3. I have exactly the same issue, except I get many...

    I have exactly the same issue, except I get many duplicates of the downloaded messages. Also I have noticed that the password in my settings is too long. When I correct it it does not in fact...
  4. Failure communicating with remote server. try again

    Although it says it fails to communicate, it does download some messages, but repeats them many times, and leaves other messages on server.

    The details listed in the Debug message: Invalid end of...
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