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  1. What commands were run and on what servers ......

    What commands were run and on what servers ... the same is happening to me within a multi-server env
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    [SOLVED] ZCS 5.0.10 Broke My ZCB Beta 3

    We upgraded from 5.0.8 ZCS last night to 5.0.10 and now BES and ZCB Beta 3 is syncing very slow ....
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    ZCB Beta 3 ... Calendar Syncing [SOLVED]


    I thought I would share my experiences so as to prevent others from going through needless hand wrenching ...

    I was having difficulty getting calendar syncing to work both ways ...

  4. Thanks Anthony ... STATUS: - I...

    Thanks Anthony ...

    - I re-installed everything according to the latest ZCB Beta 3 release notes.
    - I successfully activated my own BB (Bell 8830) on the second try
    - All...
  5. Errors from Event Viewer

    9/4/2008 9:51 AM | Neil Longmuir

    The following are the three repeating errors from the event viewer

    **************** ONE *****************************

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source:...
  6. BES and ZCB Beta 3 ... single device ..arrgh

    I've been struggling with Zimbra support over intermittent problems regarding a new deployment of ZCB Beta 3

    I have a new installation of Zimbra version 5.0.8, ZCB Beta 3 and the latest BES...
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    Calender organizer is BES Admin

    Hi all,

    I've successfully installed BES and ZCB ... provisioned a single device (with a few errors relating to IT policy needing to be cleared)

    when the user creates a calendar event on his...
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