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  1. Thanks, i will try your tip as soon as possible :)

    Thanks, i will try your tip as soon as possible :)
  2. Edit for zimbra 7.2

    The line number is now 9327
  3. Edit default duration in zimbra 7.1.1

    To change the default duration of an vent in zimbra follow this quick howto guide:
    1- SSH to your zimbra host
    2- Log in as zimbra user

    # su - zimbra
    3- Go to the following directory:...
  4. Replies

    Zimbra crashed ...

    i've got a weird problem on my recent zimbra 5.0.1 install. this morning it crashed. it seems that ldap was opening too many connexions on self interface and not the local interface.

  5. Update for Zimbra 4.5 ...

    Sorry for my silence... i didnt received mails of your replies.
    I checked it out and :

    - now it appear to be at line 32498
    - You need to use a multiple of 42 like 2*42 because further in the...
  6. Hi

    I resolv it like this:
    # su - zimbra

    $cd tomcat/webapps/zimbra/js
    $vi ZimbraMail_all.js
    //Go to line 48598
    //modify HOUR_HEIGHT var to 84 instead of 42
    $cp ZimbraMail_all.js...
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