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  1. Upgrade NE 8.0.0 to 8.0.7 on SLES 11.3 fails because ldap.bak empty


    my problem is simlilar to the one described in thread 58540: I try to upgrade SLES 11.3 with Zimbra Network Edition 8.0.0 directly to 8.0.7. I thought the problems with SLES and LDAP have been...
  2. sorry, wrong information in the original thread:...

    sorry, wrong information in the original thread: we CAN NOT reply-to emails received on the mobile device; same failure (Send Partial Failure Notice).
  3. send mail to other that own domain fails with "Send Partial Failure Notice"


    active sync works fine; the mobile devices receive mails and it is o.K. to send mail to our own domain. It is also o.K. to reply to mails from other domains.

    It is not possible to send a...
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