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  1. Unable to View/Edit Pages Inside of Notebooks

    Unable to view or edit a created page inside of the Notebook feature.

    I have created a top level Notebook "Zimbra Tools" and a sub Notebook called "Sharing Folders", inside of this folder I...
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    Status Update

    After 5 days of no response here in the forums, we submitted a case #33353.
    We still do not have a permanent solution, but we do now have a work around.

    This issue is now posted in Bugzilla – Bug...
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    Admin Console - Manage Zimlets

    We just recently finished the upgrade from 4.5.6 to 5.0.11

    When we are logged into the admin console and are working in the COS, in the Zimlet section, after I make a change to one of the Zimlets,...
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    Problems with upgrade from 4.5.6 to 5.0.11

    I have two issues that we have not been able to fix since we upgraded from 4.5.6 to 5.0.11.

    1. I have one user that when they receive a request to share a folder the Accept and Decline options at...
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    [SOLVED] I just want to POP or IMAP in

    Can we just simply POP or IMAP into Zimbra? We are looking at just accessing our emails from a smart phone, no calendaring or contacts at this time, and we are getting error S7122 unable to connect...
  6. Zimlet Not Working Since Upgrade from 4.5 to 5.06


    I have this zimlet that we were using in 4.5 and is now not working in 5.06:

    <zimlet name="com_phpministry_oss" version="1.0" description="Database">
  7. I have been everywhere to try and find...

    I have been everywhere to try and find documentation on this, so based on your feedback I will go to the support portal and submit.
    Thank You for at least responding to my request.
  8. Doesn't anyone know how to do this?

    This is a main feature that is listed in the very first section of the product feature list. I have looked in every available place that Zimbra has, and still no reference to it. Is there anyone that...
  9. How to Install and Use the Banner Ad Feature

    I'm trying to use the Banner Ad Feature to communicate with all my users. I have not been able to locate anywhere in the Forms, Wiki's, or any Zimbra documentation on how to do this.

    Can someone...
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