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  1. FIXED - typo

    of course I meant to add a line to



  2. Fixed

    OK all, thanks, split dns up and running but:

    our zimbra box is not the domain's MX from the outside, and all outgoing mail is routed through our isp whose server is called All...
  3. split dns

    OK split DNS here we come.
    How did my previous system work without it - is there smthg different about either Debian Etch or v7.5.6?

    Tnks for help so far....
  4. further info

    Sorry, should have added that the server is behind NAT with ports 25,80,443 opened through the NAT device.

    the address resolves to the external IP, not the 192.168 internal...
  5. [SOLVED] Upgrade and server move - Internal mail deferred

    Dear all,

    I hope that I haven't missed this elsewhere, but googling and searching here have not helped me yet...

    I upgraded from 7.5.6 to 7.5.10 on my previous server (debian etch) and then...
  6. Replies

    domain questions before installing zimbra

    Zimbra is fine and looks like making a big difference to my admin tasks.
    Before it gets given to the users, I need to work out how to forward mail outside through an MTA.

    I have a...
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