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    Add to /etc/sudoers: Defaults:zimbra ...

    Add to /etc/sudoers:
    Defaults:zimbra !requiretty


    works for me, zcs-7.2.1_GA_2790.RHEL5...
  2. I have reproduced the problem; the IMAP server...

    I have reproduced the problem; the IMAP server aborts trying to select certain malformed "mailboxes".

    Nevertheless, zdesktop ought to be able to recover from a single IMAP SELECT failure.
  3. desktop hangs while syncing if IMAP server error

    reported as Bug 38475

    zdesktop hangs with
    Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
    if there's a one-off problem on the server end, rather than ignoring the unsyncable...
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