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    LDAP Attributes Zimbra

    I have setup a connection (binded on an admin account) to the zimbra LDAP service through Apache Directory Studio. I can browse through the directory but am having trouble retrieving certain...
  2. Automated send-as and persona settings based on DL membership

    Is there any way of automatically setting up personas and send-as rights based on your DL membership. For example:

    I want all the members of a DL to automatically be given the rights to send as...
  3. Cost of using Active Directory Authentication

    We're looking to provide 10.000 new users with a zimbra mailbox (new zimbra NE installation) in our MS IT environment. This environment is currently using Active Directory for its user provisioning...
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    Service Account Creation

    I want to create a service account in the zimbra ldap which I will use to allow another server to query the zimbra ldap server. Where/how can I create service accounts in zimbra?
  5. Three e-mail servers providing one mail domain

    We are currently running a POC for zimbra.


    2 Exchange servers (,
    1 Zimbra 7.1 server (

    Our policy is to use one...
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    There is no way of purchasing this functionality...

    There is no way of purchasing this functionality separately? We don't have the option of purchasing the fully fledged network edition for 20.000 users.
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    Opensource Edition 7.1 zimbra-convertd

    We're looking into using a new collaboration program for over 20k users. At the moment I'm missing the preview option in our installation.

    Is there anyway to install the zimbra-convertd package on...
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