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  1. Do a bitmask binary OR, so 2 becomes 3, 0 becomes...

    Do a bitmask binary OR, so 2 becomes 3, 0 becomes 1, 1 stays 1 and 3 stays 3.

    I mean, a bitmask binary OR, not an ADD... :)
  2. My solution


    I solved it by editing the mysql database by hand (by script actually) and setting the bitmask. This requires a restart of the mailbox service, but does work.

    So, in short, two workarounds...
  3. Inside the mysql database

    Hi again,

    I opened the mysql database and found that the flags column is responsible for this. It seems to be a bitmask, but I can't find any information on the meaning of the bits. It looks like:...
  4. I just downloaded the source and found the...

    I just downloaded the source and found the message definition. It appears sentByMe is the 's'-flag. Take a look at the source:

    public class ZMessage implements ZItem, ToZJSONObject {

  5. Found some flags through zmmailbox, but no luck so far

    Example of a message which is displayed as sent by me:
    mbox> gm 10172
    Id: 10172
    Conversation-Id: 10174
    Folder: /Sent
    Subject: lalala
    From: joop <>
  6. Imported sent items not recognised as sent by me

    We migrated to zimbra recently. It went reasonably well. We do have an annoying problem though.

    The problem is this: all imported messages are displayed as though I received them, even the...
  7. Upgrade 6.0.2 -> 6.0.4: Tags in shared mailboxes disappeared

    Hi all,

    Since an upgrade of our Zimbra NE 6.0.2 to 6.0.4, users cannot see or edit tags in shared mailboxes/folders. Our sales-department uses this functionality extensively to indicate which...
  8. Replies

    We've got the exact same problem since upgrading...

    We've got the exact same problem since upgrading to Zimbra NE 6.0.4 last night. I guess it's a new problem. We didn't have this problem in 6.0.2 (we skipped 6.0.3). I can't find anything about this...
  9. Attached mailbox log

    Attached mailbox log
  10. Done so far

    Info: the load on the server is not high. Between 0.4 and 1.6.
    Firewalls are all turned off.

    Turned off ipv6 -> no change
    Tried virtual and physical windows machines -> no change
    Turned off...
  11. Groupwise migr.: hang when using more than one thread

    We're trying to migrate from groupwise to zimbra. During our test migration, the groupwise migration tool hangs when using more than one thread. This also happens when using one thread on more...
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