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    Sticky: Poll: I voted Windows 6, as I am using an HTC Touch HD....

    I voted Windows 6, as I am using an HTC Touch HD. Nice big screen.

    One little point, though: Please remember that WinMo devices come in two flavours: PocketPC and SmartPhone. The difference?...
  2. can't access ZWC Advanced outside of network


    I am a Zimbra newbie trying it out as a replacement for my aging personal mail server (see this thread for my saga of woes). One of the problems I have been having is not being able to use the...
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    Zimbra newbie - ZCS Open Source questions

    (I have posted this thread here as it seemed the best place for it. If I am wrong, please let me know which forum sections this belongs in)

    I am an individual who, as a hobby, runs his own web...
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