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    cant change user passwd via web interface

    Hi all. Im not able to change my password via web interface.

    Im using a different LDAP for storing the user passwords, so the auth configuration says:

    Method: external LDAP
    ldap url:...
  2. several question about authentication (and authorization)

    Hi all. I have a couple of questions. ANY of those will solve mi situation.

    1) 'Complex' LDAP validation:
    I need to validate a user in the 2 step authentication / authorizacion mech.

  3. Ldap con autenticacion / autorizacion. Se puede?

    Hola a todos. Necesito implementar una autenticacion via ldap, con un servidor externo, que va un poquito mas alla de los ejemplos que pude encontrar.


    -Tengo un grupo "People",...
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