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    Shared mail folders

    I seem to be unable to delegate/share mail folders with other users in my organization. Actually, I share the Inbox of multiple accounts with certain users and they are able to view mail, read and...
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    Importing contacts via .csv file

    We're setting up a Zimbra solution for our new mail server and are switching over from a hosted pop account solution. We are running Network Edition 5.0.5-64bit and are required by HR to populate a...
  3. This is a new install of RedHat and is dedicated...

    This is a new install of RedHat and is dedicated for Zimbra. Linux kernel is 2.6.9-67.0.15.ELsmp. I believe we're running Update 6. When we run up2date it says all of our rpms are updated. Is...
  4. Cannot start cluster on rhel 4 with ZCS 5.0.5

    We're trying to install ZCS 5.0.5 on a single-node cluster with two RHEL 4 servers in an active/passive configuration and can't seem to get cman to start correctly. ccsd seems to start just fine but...
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    ZCS 5.0.5 NE on rhel 5 with clustering

    new to the forum and new to zimbra so i'm hoping that someone has experience with a similar setup. we are trying to set up zcs in a single node cluster situation using rhel 5. we're managing the...
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