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    BES 10 Support

    Is there a development road map for Blackberry 10 support?
  2. Go to Global Settings under the Administration...

    Go to Global Settings under the Administration Console -pick the 'MTA' tab. There's a check box under 'Protocol Checks' that does this for you.

    I would assume Zimbra re-writes the file according...
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Switching to port 587...

    Thanks for the suggestion. Switching to port 587 worked after a minor tweak was made.

    I originally had my smtpd_recipient_restrictions configured as below:
  4. Oh forgot to mention my...

    Oh forgot to mention my /cyrus-sasl/etc/saslauthd.conf file

    zimbra_cert_file: /opt/zimbra/conf/smtpd.crt
    zimbra_cert_check: off
  5. [SOLVED] Help with SMTP over TLS authentication

    Currently running Zimbra 6.0.4 FOSS server.

    We're in a situation where inbound email goes through an antispam server before reaching zimbra. However we have port 465 open and directly forwarded...
  6. Upgrade Open Source to Network Edition Questions

    I'm currently planning to upgrade our current Zimbra install to the latest GA Release.
    We are currently running 4.5.10_GA_1575.FC5 and would like to upgrade to 5.2.

    So far the plan is to back...
  7. Samba Authentication with Zimbra LDAP without being PDC?


    I am currently in the process of rolling out a new zimbra install for my company. What I would like to do is to have a Samba server authenticate against zimbra's ldap only. Is it possible...
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    I have tried what you said, unfortunately I do...

    I have tried what you said, unfortunately I do not believe Apache 2.0.54 supports the AuthBasicProvider as it threw a server error. Log states its an unrecognized directive. Also the TLS parameter...
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    Problem with mod_auth_ldap


    I am currently testing out zimbra for use as our potential mail server. The mail features work great, I'm very impressed. The feature that I would like to take advantage of is the LDAP...
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