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    You asked if our Zimbra Apps are for Z5.x? Yes,...

    You asked if our Zimbra Apps are for Z5.x? Yes, we're currently on ZCS NE 5.0.16. Here are some screen shots of different Apps (these show up as extra tabs to the right of the Preferences tab)....
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    We build zimlets

    Hello Tim,

    Q90 Corporation is a Zimbra Hosting Partner as well as a Professional Services company with an experienced team of zimlet designers and developers. We've created several zimlets for...
  3. Can't save changes to existing calendar appointments

    I have a hosted domain where the COS has SHARING and GROUP CALENDAR turned off.

    Through the WebClient, I can create and delete appointments, but when I edit any field of an existing appointment,...
  4. How to disable language setting in WebClient preferences?

    I am integrating the Zimbra WebClient into another web portal and I'd like to control most of the users' preferences with the portal. Prefs like password, language, skin, etc.
    Password and Skins...
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