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  1. thank you very much!

    thank you very much!
  2. [SOLVED] Strange error message in Zimbra Administrator


    I have a strange problem on Zimbra Administration.

    On Configuration -> Server and "MTA" tab there's a voice "MTA trusted networks". See my IP
  3. up....................

  4. Relay server doesn't send messages when Zimbra is down for failure

    Hi all,

    We have a Zimbra server and a Relay Postfix mail server.

    Two weeks ago we had a file system failure on Zimbra server and we stopped it for two days to repair the file system.
  5. The best procedure to compress mailbox and index?

    Hi, I cannot find a guide on how to start compress mailbox and index with zmvolume.

    Can I do it on only one account?

    Zimbra must be stopped?
  6. thank you ! I had to rebuild InnoDB index ... it...

    thank you ! I had to rebuild InnoDB index ... it was too corrupt...
  7. it doesn't work. I did a mysqlcheck: ...

    it doesn't work. I did a mysqlcheck:

    Error : Table 'mboxgroup4.appointment' doesn't exist
    error : Corrupt
    Error : Table...
  8. how can I do it?

    how can I do it?
  9. [SOLVED] After a file system failure - EMPTY INBOX


    I'm using Zimbra OS 5.0.9.

    Yesterday there was a file system (reiserfs) failure, and some files are lost after a reiserfsck.

    One of accounts as an inbox of one message, but moving the...
  10. Multiple Active Directory domain controller for authentication


    I've set up two Active Directory domain controllers for zimbra authentication.

    I cannot find in the help how does Zimbra manage these domain controllers?

    i.e. if the first domain is...
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    Here is it.

    Here is it.
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    Server status page is empty

    Hi, I upgraded to Zimbra 5.0.9 (from 5.0.8) and I discovered that when I go to "Server status" page I get no stats.
    Anyone knows why?

    Here is the contents of /opt/zimbra/zmstat:

    drwxr-x--- 2...
  13. it worked! thanks

    it worked! thanks
  14. [FIXED] From Network Edition to OpenSource: License error

    I used for two months the Network Edition, then I migrated to Opensource.

    But, ever time I go in the administration console, I get this error:

    Can't get the valid license information from...
  15. Searching resolved/opened bugs for a future version of Zimbra?


    I've used many times bugzilla. I used for years the "keywords" search.

    For example, to read the bugs assigned for Zimbra 5.0.8 I used these search parameters:

    "KEYWORDS" "is equal...
  16. From another thread in this forum I read that...

    From another thread in this forum I read that RHEL 5.1 (suddently CentOS 5.1) suffers for I/O performance, that is fixed in 5.2
  17. Which version of CentOS should I use for Zimbra 5?


    I am planning to create a Xen virtual machine on my SLES 10 SP1 machine.

    Since the Zimbra is developed under Redhat systems, I would like to know which version of CentOS is reccomended:...
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    Poll: 1. 8 2. EMEA (Italy) 3. Ubuntu (soon SLES10)...

    1. 8
    2. EMEA (Italy)
    3. Ubuntu (soon SLES10)
    4. Important
    5. Yes, for support
    6. Painless upgrade from a version of Zimbra to another
  19. Two yours ago I found the fix to the problem, by...

    Two yours ago I found the fix to the problem, by modifying "" scripts, thanks to the wiki page you mentioned.

    But, I would like to know why do you provide SLES10 packages without this...
  20. SLES10: Problem upgrading from Zimbra NE 5.0 to NE 5.0.1

    hi, i have a big problem with upgrading:

    Operations logged to /tmp/zmsetup.01182008-130512.log
    Getting installed packages
    Getting local config zimbra_server_hostname
    Getting local config...
  21. Migration from Ubuntu 6.0.6 + zimbra 4.0.4 to SLES 10 + zimbra 5.0 beta


    currently I am running Zimbra 4.0.4 on a server with Ubuntu 6.0.6.
    I want to migrate to a new blade server SLES 10 and Zimbra 5.0 beta.
    On the first server I have only 6 accounts (it was a...
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    Zimbra OSS: Disabling some buttons in UI

    hi, there is any way to disable (remove) some buttons in the UI? I.E. the "Spam" button
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    Zimbra NE 4.5.4 for SLES10?

    I noticed that there is the download of Zimbra NE 4.5.4 for SLES 9.
    I don't know if it can be applied to SLES 10.
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    I partially resolved this bug with this manner...

    I partially resolved this bug with this manner (without reinstalling Zimbra):

    sudo mv /[pathtozimbra/postfix/postmap /(identicalpath)/postmap.old
    sudo ln -sf /bin/true...
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    no. Ubuntu dapper IS LTS = Long Term Service =...


    Ubuntu dapper IS LTS = Long Term Service = 5 years support
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