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  1. Agreed --

    This connector (4.04) has fixed the calendar and contact sync bugs. Thank goodness!
  2. Yes, we have been told that --

    but do you have a ETA for when that release is coming? We were originally told early last week -- : (
  3. Outlook connector sync fails for shared calendar -- release 4.03GA

    We've just upgraded to Zimbra 4.03GA and upgraded the outlook connector as well.

    Two of our outlook users can be managers of another user's contacts and calendar.

    After installing the new...
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    Scheduling appointments in shared calendars

    We're running the latest Zimbra -- 4.0.2 with the latest Outlook connector.

    As far as I can tell, shared calendars sort of work, but sort of don't in Outlook. One of the senior people here wants...
  5. Thanks!

    That was it. The COM addin wasn't checked off.

    Now the user is syncing.
  6. User with shared folder rights can't access them

    Running zimbra-4.0.0_GA_303.RHEL4-20060829135206 and ZimbraOlkConnector-4.0.0_GA_297_4.0.211.msi.

    I have a user with rights to another user's contacts and calendar. We've have lots of problem with...
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    Great ! -- but ---

    It's wonderful that you've got it integrated in 4.0.2.

    Until then -- should we just assume that appointments made after the end of Daylight Savings Time will automatically correct when the new...
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    Just to clarify --

    The box in outlook to adjust for Daylight Savings Time is checked.
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    Time zone issues --

    I create an appointment in Zimbra for November 10th 9 am.

    In Outlook, it shows up as being at 10 am.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Outlook timezone is (GMT -5:00 Eastern Time) with adjust for...
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    Thanks --

    Yes -- that was it; needed to upgrade connector to latest version -- then File/Open Other User's Mailbox appeared.
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    Shared address books and contacts

    Am I right in thinking that the Outlook Connector doesn't yet support these?

    I have users with shared address books and contacts; they're not showing up for the delegated users in Outlook,...
  12. Hm --

    So I suppose I get id and last_name for all contacts
    and then based on that output, fix the DisplayGroup attribute only for the contacts who have no last_name field?

    Okay -- will give that a...
  13. Okay -- how do I craft SOAP SearchRequest

    Think I can do this, if I can figure out how to write a SearchRequest for attribute lastName is missing --

    How do I write the query element of SearchRequest? I want something like this:

  14. hm...

    Thanks -- I can use that.

    But (feeling stupid) where is the documentation for the fileAs Attribute and company = 3? I checked the docs and the SVN tree stuff documenting SOAP before I wrote the...
  15. Setting File as: attribute for contacts -- mass import

    I am still trying to import 1,800 contacts for one of my users.

    His address book has many, many records without a name; only a company field.

    Is there a way on import or via SOAP or Rest to set...
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    Just for documentation purposes

    Here's how I got the SOAP message to the server in Ruby:

    #!/usr/bin/ruby -w ...
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    Thanks -- and calendar folder mass delete?

    Can I use the same SOAP fragment on the calendar folder?

    and am I right in thinking that the calendar folder is always 10 (at least the default one)?

    Is there SOAP for discovering folder...
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    mass delete (cont)

    Okay, I've poked around a bit and it looks as if the personal contacts are stored in the mysql database for the individual user's mail store in the mail_item table, with a NULL subject field.

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    Mass delete contacts

    I'm trying to import contacts into Zimbra from a very old copy of Lotus Notes and have one person with over 1,800 contacts.

    Is there a way that I can quickly (via a CLI) delete his contacts if I...
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