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  1. AjxPost Method

    I notice that it's been over a year and a half now, and no one has answered Jiggy's question.
    Is there some sample code somewhere that shows how to use AjxPost to post variables to another website...
  2. SOAP or Date.js

    I looked at Date.js and tried following its pattern by creating an appointment using ZmAppt. It seems to me that ZmAppt is still missing a lot of functionality.
    It has methods for setting the...
  3. Resolved for now...

    I was told that the hooks to do this have not been implemented yet.
    Currently, you have to add buttons using ZmApp.registerApp.

    We were able to do this a little easier by creating a...
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    Alternative Method

    We were able to do this a little easier by creating a ZmChicletButton and adding it to the appChooser. It was still tricky, but probably not as complicated as using ZmApp.registerApp.
    I'm not sure...
  5. Issue Resolved

    This issue was resolved. We were not calling htmlentities on the body (or the fragment) of the appointments and tasks that we were adding with our Soap calls. If you format your content with HTML,...
  6. Password is not available...nor should it be

    I am getting the user's account name with the following method:
    var userId = appCtxt.getActiveAccount().getEmail();

    As sam_gennux explains above, the password is not available. You do not want...
  7. GetContactsRequest

    We use the GetContactsRequest SOAP call.
    The soap.txt document doesn't have a ton of details, but it should get you started.
    I get more info from running the zmprov or zmmailbox commands on the...
  8. Thread: ZmContact

    by DarthJader

    More Details...

    You may want to add some more specifics about what you are trying to do.
    You can get info about Contacts running zmmailbox, or you can make SOAP calls.
    We use the GetContactsRequest to get a list...
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    Have you tried SQLyog?

    I have been using SQLyog to connect and view the database tables.
    'zmlocalconfig -s' can get you all the information you need to connect (port, password,...)
    I first run PuTTY and create a tunnel:...
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    Main Toolbar

    Does anyone know how to get the main toolbar?
    There are examples of how to add a button to the Compose toolbar, but I have been having trouble finding a way to add a button to the main toolbar. ...
  11. Salesforce Zimlet Still has problems

    What version of Zimbra are you on?

    I tried modifying the Salesforce zimlet with the changes you mentioned above, but I still get errors in my error log:
    zimlet - error loading...
  12. Zimlets: How do you get an instance to the main Tool Bar?

    I have found numerous examples of how to create a tool bar (DwtToolBar), but I am having trouble finding out how to get the main tool bar that contains "Mail", "Address Book", "Calendar", etc.
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    FireFox results

    In FireFox I get:

    Authenticated user:
    Current date: Thu Jun 12 14:49:12 MDT 2008


    Name: USER_ROOT
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    search vs. searchConv

    I am trying to figure out what the difference is between the zmmailbox commands: search and searchConv

    From what I can tell searchConv is for searching conversations.
    If so, explain why the help...
  15. Update: May have been fixed!

    From looking through the release notes for the latest releases, it appears that this issue may have been resolved.
    We'll find out for sure after we finish upgrading.
  16. [SOLVED] Fragment for Calendar Appointments

    We have been able to create new appointments with the CreateAppointmentRequest SOAP request, both in PHP and in C#.
    However, we have noticed that when we add a fragment 'fr' to the request, this is...
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    Time Zone Identifiers

    In the soap-calendar.txt document, it says:
    // <s d="YYYYMMDD['T'HHMMSS[Z]]" [tz="timezone_identifier"]>
    // tz="java...
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