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  1. OK, I have got it.

    I found it in forum.

    I changed /etc/redhat-release

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 5
  2. zimbra-core-4.5.6_GA_1044.RHEL5_64-20070710170037.x86_64.rpm installation failed


    I am finally trying to install Zimbra (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x86 64 bit) on CentOS 5.

    I went through CentOS 5 howto, but getting error at the beginning of the installation:

  3. Wow that was quick

    Thank you for quick reply.

    What about from the aspect of multiple servers? If my customer base will grow in the future and I will have to balance the load on more servers? What is recomended?...
  4. Should I rather install Zimbra to live IP or behind NAT?

    Hi. I am new to Zimbra and preparing the installation.

    I am running ISPConfig and would like to offer Zimbra to current hosting domains. I still have no clear idea how to implement it because I...
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    I read few threads through the forum. I...

    I read few threads through the forum. I understand that Zimbra has to be installed together.

    My question is how I can then implement Zimbra into current infrastructure. I have already server with...
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    Installation on Debian.

    Hi. I would like to try Zimbra. I currently have Debian servers.
    I am looking to install it on new server, but implement it to current LDAP.
    Could you give me any info and recomendation how to...
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