I'm a new user of Zimbra. I've tried to make un client Java who could invoke the web service from Zimbra to find the mails for a user, but it takes too much time for the response.
SoapHttpTransport trans = new SoapHttpTransport("URL");
Element request = Element.XMLElement.mFactory.createElement(AccountService.AUTH_REQUEST);
request.addAttribute(AccountService.E_ACCOUNT, "LOGIN", Element.DISP_CONTENT);
request.addAttribute(AccountService.E_PASSWORD, "XXX", Element.DISP_CONTENT);
Element	response = trans.invoke(request);
Element accRequest = Element.XMLElement.mFactory.createElement(MailService.SEARCH_REQUEST);
accRequest.addAttribute(MailService.E_QUERY, "is:unread",Element.DISP_CONTENT);
accRequest.addAttribute(MailService.A_SEARCH_TYPES, "message");
Element accResponse = trans.invoke(accRequest);
Could you, please,to tell me, how could I reduce the time of response from the Zimbra Web Service?
Thank you very much.