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Thread: Zimbra 3.1 Wireless Capabilities

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    Default Zimbra 3.1 Wireless Capabilities

    Now that 3.1 network edition is almost here "Goal is later this week" (from previous post) -- what are the wireless capabilities for 3.1?

    Will it work with blackberry devices? Does it require the use of blackberry enterprise server or will zimbra have integrated wireless push features?

    What about a mobile access like MS Outlook Mobile access? Does Zimbra 3.1 have anything like a watered down webUI optimized for mobile devices?

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    Moving thread as it's not an *announcement*.

    3.1 will include beta over-the-air support for Treo and PocketPC devices. Blackberry currently supported with desktop sync via the Outlook Connector for calendar/contacts and you can use IMAP for over-the-air email.

    We are also prototyping a light-weight web-ui for older browsers, console type machines, or low bandwidth situations (dial-up, wireless, etc). Assuming this works well it will be included in a future release.
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