Just a warning to anyone else out there who runs the FOSS edition, and who installed the interim patches to 6.0.8

The patch instructions had stated that if you upgraded while a user had their client open - they might get a warning saying they had been upgraded to the 6.0.8 NETWORK Edition ... and that this should be ignored as it is merely cosmetic.

Well, unfortunately for anyone with slow download speeds it has another side affect. The upgrade link that the upgrade zimlet sends out is based on that same product identifier, so this morning I have just downloaded 6.0.9 and tried to install it - only to be told that I have to have a license file in place first.

On checking, I now see that the link set in the upgrade email actually does include the word NETWORK in the filename.

The following updates were found:

1.  non-critical.  Version: 6.0.9_GA_2686, URL: http://files.zimbra.com/downloads/6....1115224141.tgz

Zimbra Updater
So, do yourself a favour, and go directly to the Open Source downloads page and select thee appropriate version from there - instead of using the link sent to you.

Open Source Edition Downloads: Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Software by Zimbra