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Thread: Address book from outlook?

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    Question Address book from outlook?


    I am new to Zimbra Desktop and I am moving my outlook accounts over, however I was able to move all my outlook accounts just fine and I am sending and receiving email with Zimbra, and I love it so far.

    BUT I noticed that even after I imported my address book as a csv into zimbra, when i am sending an email i can not use the address book. The weird part is that i can type in a name and zimbra shows the user so i click on the name and it puts that name in the TO line, but when i try to send the email i get a message that says "The following addresses appear to be invalid:" so i have tried to send the email anyway but i just get a message back from undeliverable i am not sure what to do...

    I have tried to delete my contacts and reimport them, didn't work, i also tried to delete my account and readd it then reimport my contacts and it does not work either...i am at a loss of what could be the problem since zimbra sees the contact book....

    P.S. I also noticed that when i create an email i can not click on the TO button...

    The account is a standard POP3 account through verizon business...

    Any help is much thanked.

    I have included screen shots of what i see ( i did obscure some of the info for privacy)
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    OK, Think i got it....

    I had to reindex the account to get to the address book to delete all the entries, then i had to reindex the account again....then import the address book, reindex the account again, seems to be working now...we will see, but i would like to know if anyone else had the same issue

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