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Thread: Wrong UI Image path in HTML Version after upgrade to V7 -root context /zimbra missin

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    Default Wrong UI Image path in HTML Version after upgrade to V7 -root context /zimbra missin

    I've just upgraded from 6.0 to the latest Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.1.
    The HTML version has the problem, that no images are available.
    The path in the source refers to : /img/..
    e.g. /img/zimbra/ImgNodeCollapsed.png where the context root of zimbra for our apache is /zimbra.
    The ajax version works well and has an image path:
    appContextPath = "/zimbra";
    e.g. @AppContextPath@/img/zimbra/ImgInboxOverlay.png which is correct.
    The HTML version image path should also be /zimbra/img/...
    So in the HTML version the image path is wrong, the root context /zimbra/ is missing in the path.
    Any idea for a fix?
    Thank you
    Best Regards

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    This problem still exist, I upgraded to 7.1.4 today from a 5.x.x version and standard html is broken with the images.

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