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Thread: Zimbra Proxy problem Network Edition 6

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    Default Zimbra Proxy problem Network Edition 6


    I have zimbra Network Edition 6 Trial installed on onve server.
    On another server I have installed memcached, and proxy. I would like to make an http/https proxy.

    After both servers installed, on the mailbox server I can see the proxy under status menu, but shows up red with an X next to it. It looks like the servces doesnt run on the proxy server.

    When I log in the Proxy, everything shows started, and works perfectly.
    When I try to access proxy on https, I get the certificate, I accept it, then shows nothing. I am getting to an empty page, insted of zimbra web login.

    Any ide what could cause this?


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    I think your configuration is as follows:

    Server2 : memcached + proxy
    Server1 : Rest of the components

    After successful installation run zmupdateauthkeys and /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmsyslogsetup and do zmcontrol restart on each server.

    For proxy setup,you need to execute /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmproxyconfig -e -m -w -H `zmhostname` on proxy installed machine i.e. server2 mentioned above.

    To get more idea about the proxy enableing please refer Enabling Zimbra Proxy - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Hope this will help.


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    I have been digging zimbra and the proxy configurations whole weekend.
    What my problem looks like is some kind of redirection problem.

    Server2: (memcached + proxy server) starts fine. listens on 8443. when I access the server it gives me the HTTPS certificate to accept, but shows an empty page.
    Once I put something rubbish after the servers address like https://zimbraproxy:8443/askdfasga it gives me the error 404 from the zimbra server, like if I would type https://zimbra:443/askdfasga

    If I look in the log of nginx on the proxy server:

    "GET / HTTP/1.1" 302
    "GET /askdfasga HTTP/1.1" 404

    I think this is some kind of redirection problem on the zimbra server itself.

    question is where can I configure this to be working as I need it?

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