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Thread: Limiting Incoming Emails to specific Domains

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    Default Limiting Incoming Emails to specific Domains

    We are new to using Zimbra, so please be gentle.

    We have just set up our e-mail domain using VMWare Zimbra. It is working pretty good so far. It is hosting emails to a group of subcontractors.

    Because of how we are using this, we would like to limit the incoming email to a specific domain. We want this group of subcontractors to only be able to receive email from our other company domain to these email accounts.

    How can I do this?


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    You can configure sender restrictions in Zimbra MTA (Postfix) according to your needs.

    Here are couple of helpful links how to do it:

    Ajcody-MTA-Postfix-Topics - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Postfix SMTP relay and access control

    I think setting smtpd_client_restrictions may do the trick for you.

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    (I am taking over from BigEd)

    Thank for the direction. I looked through what you linked and through further postfix material.

    I did find how to prevent all email from coming in from the outside by editing "/opt/zimbra/conf/" and changing "permit" to "reject". That seemed to work real well after I figured out that zimbra overwrites the standard postfix config files.

    But what do I do to reject all domains yet permit one. I did find how to do this with intranet ip addresses but not how to selectively permit domains.

    The ultimate goal to permit everyone in to communicate to each other only and to communicate to/from

    Thank you.

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