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Thread: NO X-spam Header

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    Quote Originally Posted by juampii View Post
    i already try that solutions, but they do not apply to my problem.
    Instead of saying they do not apply how about telling us why they don't apply.

    Quote Originally Posted by juampii View Post
    I have 8.0.3.
    It should make no difference which version of ZCS you're using?
    I post a thread in other section but is still not visible.

    Quote Originally Posted by juampii View Post
    I have this,
    [zimbra@mail ~]$ postconf mynetworks
    mynetworks =
    Did you restart Zimbra after changing this?

    Quote Originally Posted by juampii View Post
    IBut still no x-spam header.
    Do you actually have it enabled? Give us some cli output to show that it's enabled.


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    Upgrading to 8.0.4 solves the problem.


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