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Thread: Auto-completion for GAL?

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    Default Auto-completion for GAL?

    Hi folks,

    It'd be nice if the address auto-completion feature while composing message also works for GAL.

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    Yes this is on the list. Technically it's easier for local contacts since they are all cached. At the moment we don't cache the entire GAL in the web client since for some orgs it may be very large. Either way it's on our list for the future.
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    Default "Share with"

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your info.

    Some other RFEs:

    1. it'd be nice to share my calendar to multiple users by just specifying all of their addresses in the "Share with" textbox (each seperated by a colon). ATM, if I want to share my calendar for 3 users, I must repeat the same procedure (right click on my calendar==>Share Calendar==>type in user in "Share with" textbox and finally click Submit) 3 times.

    2. it'd be nice if "Share with" is a button like "Attendees" in creating appointment which allows me to search and import address from Personal Contact List or GAL.


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