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Thread: ToDo requirements of a large corporation / pls vote for 18626

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    Default ToDo requirements of a large corporation / pls vote for 18626 - 18627 - 18628

    The CTO of this large corporation said "if there is a
    solution which does offer the following features out
    of the box, we are very soon going to replace Exchange"...

    Pls see also RFE 18627(Tasks requirements) and 18628(FolowUp and Workflow requirements)


    Writing all ToDo's on a list. To every note(ToDo) of that list,
    it should be possible to:

    - add a priority (1 to 3)
    - colorate entries/text
    - assign to a person/group (delegation)
    - assign to a project
    - assign/terminate to a week/month/year to be done
    - assign as business-ToDo or private-ToDo (and sort)
    - assign as (longterm) personal goals
    - a task-number is automatically assigned upon opening a task, but this
    number is hidden by default (but could be made visible on request)
    - replicate recurring ToDo's to the following weeks/month/years

    - dažly ToDo's and daily calendar-appointments should appear on the same
    page/sheet (this is very important) !!

    ToDo-list - fields
    - ToDO-description
    - done (if the ToDo is not acomplished, it will be automatically moved
    to the next day)
    - priority
    - expected/planned time to accomplish
    - effectively required time
    (a time-counter should be manually turned on or off in order
    to count the time spent on a certain task)
    - location (were to be done)

    Pls vote for Bug 18626 - ToDo requirements of a large corporation

    Thank you very much!

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