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Thread: More questions/requests about calendar reminders

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    Default More questions/requests about calendar reminders

    I understand that there is a feature request that is likely to be available soon allowing users to set different alarms/reminders per calendar entry.

    However, it seems that what I am looking for is a different feature.

    How can a user set a reminder time other than the pre-defined options of: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60?

    I'm aware that I can set this using:

    zmprov ga <user> zimbraPrefCalendarApptReminderWarningTime <delay>

    But this isn't very helpful for the user. Furthermore, the UI displays "never show" under Options -> Calendar, which is very confusing.

    Is there an easy solution to this issue, or is this a feature request?

    My users want to set reminder times up to 1 week in advance of appointments.

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    I believe there's an RFE in bugzilla for 'flexible schedules' and it's scheduled for the next but one major release -search and vote.


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    Default Bugzilla

    I added my vote and feature requests to Bugzilla. Here is the bug link for future reference:

    Bug 8854 - Support flexible alarm schedules for calendar appointments

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