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    I love that Zimbra has the ability to use tags, but I think the way they're displayed in the conversation/message list is a little off.

    The colors are ok, but since there are so few easily distinguished colors, you end up with tags looking pretty similar. I think the gmail way of tagging in the subject line is superior, especially if a message has multiple tags.

    An example subject with multiple tags:

    [Exchange][Hosting] I'd like to cancel my account
    [Zimbra][Hosting] I need a new account

    This is especially important for multiple tags, but even in the case where there is a single tag, the subject text tagging gives you a better idea of how amessage is tagged without having to open the message.

    I realize that you can mouseover, but if you have 100s of messages in your list, it's nice to have the text out there.

    just a thought.

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    Thanks for the note. I personally use tags for quick search rather than the ability to see messages in the message list. I can see how this may be useful to some though.
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