Is it not possible to move the reading pane in Zimbra? I've just started looking at it, but this would be a show-stopper for me. I find it horrifically inefficient given that most modern monitors are widescreen. I don't want to read my e-mail in lines that are 24" across. Instead, let me have the list of e-mails in one vertical column and the e-mail itself over to one side. Is this not possible?

Also, while I prefer a conversation view, in that view why does clicking on an e-mail then cover up all the other e-mails so that it takes me two clicks to look at a different e-mail? Is there a bug on that I can vote for? As I click on different e-mails in a conversation, the given e-mail should just appear to the side without covering up the vertical e-mail list. I cannot believe people would prefer all this extra clicking.