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Thread: Getting Outlook to search Global Address List

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    Default Getting Outlook to search Global Address List

    I've had a number of users ask me how to get Outlook to search the global address book for autocompletion on the To: line. We can access the Global Address List just fine, but when using autocompletion it can't find any names. I've verified the order of autocompletion searches in the address book setting, but everything appears fine there. Is there any way to force it to search the address list?


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    This could be a bug in the Outlook connector. We had a similar problem and found that there are newer versions of the connector than the one that shipped with our version of Zimbra. For Zimbra 4.5.6, support sent us the following:


    If your connector version is older than this, it might be worth getting hold of this one and retrying.

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