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Thread: Composer break lines?

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    Default Composer break lines?

    I wonder if its possible for the composer (in advanced web interface) to automatically break lines when composing?

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    Can you be more specific?

    For example, do you mean at a specific margin (i.e. calc. by number of chars entered?)

    It would be helpful if you filed an RFE in bugzilla for this enhancement. Please be specific about what you're looking for

    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Sound's like you just want better word-wrap in the HTML compose mode?
    -Because if you actually 'broke' the line -ie like hitting enter, it would show up different in everyone else's mail clients; like a new paragraph, etc.

    What zcs version & web-browser are you running?
    Because with the exception of long strings that I paste (as apposed to typing an email with spaces) it generally works ok on firefox 2.0.06 & IE7 w/ 4.5.6

    Bug 9182 - Long strings should wrap (lol-one that was actually assigned to you Parag)
    Bug 8645 - Text does not wrap when composing in same window
    The reading word wrap issue was Bug 5869 - Word wrapping is not perfect (but this was fixed while work was done on Bug 18327 - view in separate window does not expand correctly)
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