hi guys. so far so good! just have some questions.

1. When I check Server Status, I see an X mark on logger. how do i activate it?

2. I currently use hsphere MTA as primary and have selected emails forward to the zimbra server. For my main domain for example, I have sales@domain.com and support@domain.com hosted in hsphere server. For userA@domain.com and userB@domain.com all email is forwarded to Zimbra Server (both users are created on both hsphere and zimbra, and I just instruct hsphere to forward all mails for these users to mailhost.domain.com which is created in zimbra). however, if UserA@domain.com logs into zimbra webmail and tries to email sales@domain.com (which is in hsphere only) I get an error saying the email address is invalid...how do I get zimbra to send all emails to domain.com to the mx server instead of assuming it's local? I can email from sales@domain.com to usaA@domain.com but not the other way around.

3. My trial will expire soon. How do I get a license. We are a webhosting company Please PM me.