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Thread: Forum Spell-checking Problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by administrator View Post
    Can you check again to see if it's still appearing?
    I never accepted before-just in case you wanted me to check
    I also closed & cleared browser cache first-still get the pop up

    Do you want me to go ahead and click 'ok' to accept & see if it doesn't redirect away? (once I do, even if i uninstall iespell, I consider this testing 'box' tainted)

    Or are you working to uninstall/turn off ieSpell from the forums all together?

    BTW-I will say I like the quick reply.
    Quote Originally Posted by lmnau
    THIS IS INTOLLERABLE SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by lmnau
    It's just that as a support issue...
    In the zimbra web-client it's aspell.
    The forums are not the same as official support, though they are essentially the main support for the OpenSource users.
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    Okay- I'll have to check into it more. VB doesn't give any good way to remove it.

    Any spell checking should be standards based. . none of this activex crap.

    I'll replace it with aspell.


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